Stroke Recovery Program

Coping with the effects of a stroke can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Many stroke survivors are faced with the reality that they must change that way they live to accommodate skills that were lost as result of their illness.

Classic Home Care Stroke Recovery Program offers individual’s personalized care in the place where they are most comfortable – their own home.

Stroke Recovery Program features:

  • Registered nurse to help with collaboration with the physicians, patient and families. Medication review and management, home safety evaluation, and oversight of care.
  • Physical therapy to help restore physical functioning and treat problems with movement, balance and coordination.
  • Occupational therapy to help patients relearn or develop adaptive strategies for performing the skills of daily living, such as eating, walking and dressing.
  • Speech-language therapy to regain language and communication skills and address swallowing problems.
  • Mental health counseling to help the patient cope with emotional and behavior changes that sometimes occur after a stroke.
  • Social Worker to assist with community resources, home modifications, and home safety.
  • Care team primary goal is for maximization of patient and family confidence, decrease re-hospitalization, and fall preventions/safety.