Speech Therapy

When it comes to speech therapy, our speech therapists can provide a plan of care for our clients that will improve their skills to communicate.  With their expertise, they will be able to train you in expressing yourself clearly, using your available senses and skills.  Through the services of our speech therapists, we are aiming to have our clients interact better with other people.

Because of the skills of our speech therapists, we can assure you quality therapy for individuals who are diagnosed with:

  • Voice disorders
  • Writing disorders
  • Cognitive deficiencies
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Speech disorders
  • Hearing disorders

We understand that communication is important for all people.  With it, one’s feelings of joy, sadness, worry, and such can be conveyed.  Call us at 817-792-2030 so that we can talk about our treatment services can help you or someone you know.