Occupational Therapy

Classic Home Care has occupational therapists who can provide you with quality occupational therapy treatment, support and care. They are the one’s making sure that your occupation – even your lifestyle – can be stabilized, enhanced or improved.  This is so that you can live your life happily at home instead of lengthy confinements in a rehabilitation facility.   You can spend more time with your family while you receive outstanding treatment from a professional in occupational therapy visiting your home.

Through their expertise and skills, they are aiming to improve the quality of the activities that sustain their clients.  It is their goal to pull out the best in you so that you can contribute to the community.

We have the following services to provide you with:

  • Provide training in ADL (active daily living)
  • Facilitate client and family independence
  • Develop hand and eye coordination
  • Maximize movement and motor skills
  • Improve the neuromusculoskeletal function
  • Promote health

The occupational therapy team at Classic Home Care is geared towards improving your way of life. Call us 817-792-2030 so that we can talk about our occupational therapy services.