Lines for Life Program: Infusion Therapy

The Home Infusion Program at Classic Home Care provides quality, comprehensive infusion therapies to patients in home setting. To provide continuity from the hospital or office throughout therapy, product delivery and patient education is coordinated by a registered nurse. Nursing care is provided by specially trained nurses who have the skills, knowledge and experience required to manage patients’ therapies at home.

At-home Therapies Include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Central /Peripheral Line maintenance
  • Declotting of peripheral and central catheters
  • Enteral nutrition/Tube feedings
  • Subcutaneous Gamma Globulin (IG)
  • Hydration/Fluids
  • Inotropic agents/Cardiac meds
  • Pain Management
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Our Program Components Include:

  • Collaboration with the physician and pharmacy team
  • Coordination and delivery of medication, supplies, and equipment
  • Education and support from our staff to assist each client and caregiver to appropriately and safely manage their medication, supplies, and equipment
  • Education materials specific to the clients condition and medication
  • Outcome measurement and reporting